Herman van Campenhout, CEO

hermanHerman van Campenhout has been CEO of CrowdRoaming since 2013. As CEO, he leads CrowdRoaming’s commercial initiatives & international expansion and is responsible for Strategic Management & Business Development.

Before joining CrowdRoaming he spent two years as CEO with TMG, one of the leading media companies in the Netherlands.

Prior to this, van Campenhout worked for USG People and for almost a decade for Reed Elsevier.

The last 5 years at Reed Elsevier he served as the CEO of the Science & Technology Division with a P&L responsibility of > US$ 1.5 billion of revenue, serving 10 million+ customers globally.

Before Reed Elsevier he worked for 17 years for the Shell Group in various countries across the globe. In his last position he was a director at Shell Netherlands, responsible for > US$ 2 billion of revenue.

Van Campenhout is a graduate of Erasmus University Netherlands, he studied Business & private Law.

Homayun Zahidi, CTO

homayunHomayun Zahidi is CTO and Founder of CrowdRoaming. Homayun studied Information Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and he started his career as software developer with the leading Dutch ICT companies.

Homayun Zahidi has been active as an independent consultant, manager and software developer for the past 15 years. In this period he has worked for numerous well-respected companies. For example he worked for HP OpenView for more than 4 years and he was involved with different architectural improvements of the HP OpenView software stack in general and specifically the IT Service Management product. Furthermore he has worked for Rabobank, Allianz, ING, etc.

Homayun Zahidi has a keen eye in pinpointing the gaps between business and IT and is able to close these gaps.

In 2012 Homayun Zahidi started investigating the ubiquitous problem of high data roaming costs. Within a record-breaking development period Zahidi launched the CrowdRoaming app as a viable solution to avoid international roaming costs. The CrowdRoaming app was launched in Google Play store in June 2013 and received broad international media coverage. The app was nominated several times for its innovative aproach.

In his role as CTO of CrowdRoaming, Zahidi is responsible for Software Development and Technical Improvements.

Shahram Bahraini, CFO

shahramAs CFO and Co-Founder of CrowdRoaming Shahram Bahraini brings many years of experience in finance, innovation and operations to the table, which he gained during his time at Royal Ahold, the leading international retailer, based in the Netherlands.

As Project Manager Innovation of Royal Ahold in 2006, Bahraini successfully introduced self- scanning at Albert Heijn grocery stores.

Since 2008 Bahraini holds the position of Managing Director of Positive Voice BV. In addition, Bahraini is Chief Financial Officer of Fanack, a Chronicle of the Middle East & North Africa.

Together with Homayun Zahidi, Bahraini started CrowdRoaming in 2013 and, among others, successfully arranged long-term financing for the company.

Shahram Bahraini holds a Master of Business Administration degree at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and is certified financial controller.

Frederik den Haan, COO

frederikFrederik M. den Haan acts as COO for CrowdRoaming. Den Haan has been active in Financial Markets since 1987. He started his financial career in the capital markets department of one of the largest financial institutions of the Netherlands, where he was responsible for the distribution of newly issued bonds, trading in these bonds and risk management of frequently very sizeable positions.

Since 1992 he, in addition, became responsible for the distribution and primary sales of equities at ING as well. In this capacity he was involved in structuring some of the largest privatizations in the Netherlands as well as introducing many private companies to the Dutch stock exchange.

In 1999 Den Haan joined the London based investment bank Barings, part of ING Group, where he was instrumental in setting up eBusiness for ING Group worldwide and – among others – coordinating branding among the various labels of ING Group.

From 2009 Den Haan was responsible for formulating and implementing the online currency trading strategy for ING Group Financial Markets. In 2013 Den Haan joined CrowdRoaming.

Den Haan studied in the US and the Netherlands. He received his BA from Clark University, Massachusetts, USA, and his MA at Leyden University, the Netherlands.

Martijn Lopes Cardozo, Vice President

martijnMartijn Lopes Cardozo is a Senior Executive experienced in starting and managing fast growing businesses. He applied his extensive knowledge of internet advertising, media and mobile Markets in various companies such as at Telegraaf Media Group (TMG). In his position as Senior Vice President, Lopes Cardozo was responsible for strategy, business development and M&A.

Prior to TMG, Lopes Cardozo worked at DTG Amsterdam as Head of Strategy and Sales Planning.

From 2001 to 2008 Lopes Cardozo worked in Los Angeles for Goldpocket Interactive as Senior Vice President. He grew the venture over 100 employees and successfully sold it to Ericsson/ Tandberg.

In 1996 he started his career at OC & C Strategy Consultants as strategy consultant for several
industries and geographies advising senior management on corporate strategy and operational improvements.

Lopes Cardozo is a graduate of Harvard Business School and holds a Master of Business Administration degree. Prior to this, he graduated at Delft University of Technology. Lopes Cardozo holds a Master of Science in Applied Physics.

Winand Staring, Chief Counselor

winandWinand Staring holds a degree in Development Economics & Sociology (Erasmus University at Rotterdam & Wageningen University; honours degree).

As a diplomat Winand Staring served many years to the United Nations and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs in different capacities. He served at Netherlands Embassies in Asia and Latin America.

After his last posting as Chief of Mission to Guatemala, he changed his career to become a social entrepreneur in the field of Culture, as well as Water Awareness. He successfully has set up several consultancy companies and foundations, including serving the Middle East.

As such Winand Staring carried out special assignments for the World Bank, the Inter American
Development Bank, the European Commission, Euro Consult and for the Netherlands Economic Institute; in Asia, Africa and Latin America. He worked in the field with Incas & Mayas in hands-on water and schooling projects. He also served as a special adviser to the Presidency of Nicaragua during its democratic transition period.

Winand Staring has lectured at different universities and institutions, and is the author of and contributor to various books and publications, including the sustainable use of pesticides in Asia & the Pacific; water resources management in Sri Lanka, and integrated rural development in South America.


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