Feasibility study


In order to establish the feasibility of the ISP-in-the-Box concept, CrowdRoaming is looking to partner with local entities which have the knowledge, technical means and infrastructure to test the assumptions underlying the ISP-in-the-Box business model.

CrowdRoaming, among others, aims to establish:

Viability of business model:

  • Local need for service, alternatives for proposed solution in e.g. Bangladesh market space
  • Feasibility of proposed tradable credit-system, improvements and alternatives
  • Pricing to provide affordable connectivity to the Internet
  • Incentives to enhance wide adoption of ISP-in-the-Box, viral distribution models

Functional requirements:

  • Establishing and testing of all necessary functionality, also in view of local customs and habits in regard of use of mobile phones

´┐╝´┐╝´┐╝Technical requirements, among others:

  • Necessity of secure connectivity
  • Transparency and accuracy of reporting of usage

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CrowdRoaming seeks partners for the ISP-in-the-Box business model.

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