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CrowdRoaming, innovator in mobile connectivity, has recently defined a novel application of its technology which it has named ISP-in-the-Box. CrowdRoaming seeks partners for an opportunity to discuss the feasibility of our proposition.

CrowdRoaming is looking to partner with (local) entities which have the knowledge, technical means and infrastructure to test the assumptions underlying the ISP-in-the-Box business model.

The ISP-in-the-Box business opportunity is built on specific assumptions that need testing and verification. Besides, the execution of such an opportunity requires partners that share the same vision and believe in the opportunities that go along with the introduction of the business.

Below are the various kinds of partnerships CrowdRoaming is eager to explore.

Feasibility partnership

CrowdRoaming seeks an experienced business consultant that is able to execute the feasibility study and (in parallel) can advise on possible partners (see below).

Ideally such an expert should have extensive knowledge of the telecom sector, IT-business knowledge of mobile technology combined with a strong (local) network.

Distribution partnership

CrowdRoaming provides distributors with the ability to market, distribute and support the ISP-in-the-Box model in markets or specialized niches. As a partner, you will be licensed to resell the ISP-in-the-Box model at favorable conditions.

CrowdRoaming seeks distribution partners with a strong presence in the local (targeted) markets. A preferred partner could for example be an established not for profit or a business organization.

Technical partnership

CrowdRoaming seeks partners who are willing to co-create the ISP-in-the-Box model and partners who are willing to service the model in local markets.

These partners must be well experienced in the development or support of user friendly software for the target audience and markets. A preferred partner will be able to strengthen CrowdRoaming’s development and support team.


CrowdRoaming invites strategic investors to consider financing the rollout of this unique application. Preferably investors have local ties with markets and a strategical interest in expanding the ISP-in-the-Box business.


Please contact us in case you are interested to explore the possibilities of a partnership.


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